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Free on weekends and Holidays!
Nagai Sightseeing Bus “MAWARUN”

Somiya Shrine

On February 13, 2018, the Koide and Miya Districts of Nagai were selected as official Cultural Landscapes of Japan, landscapes nationally recognized as indispensable for understanding the lifestyle and culture of the region.

The 野川まなび館(“Nogawa Information Building”) and the surrounding area have great views of the Nogawa Levee. Also, in the area of the やませ蔵 (“Yamase Storehouse”) in あら町 (Aramachi), the historic appearance of Nagai’s prosperous river-trade era is well preserved.

From the Soumiya Shrine’s north side, Nagai’s history can be seen in the river terrace and the shapes of the past floodplains of the Nogawa.

Nagai Dam and Mifuchi Ravine Course

The times displayed in these timetables are departure times.

On the Nagai Dam and Mifuchi Ravine Course, because the sightseeing buses make few stops to 野川まなび館 (Nogawa Manabi Kan – “Nogawa Information Building”) and 三淵渓谷ボート乗場 (Mifuchi Keikoku Boat Noriba – “Mifuchi Ravine Boat Launch”), Mifuchi boat tour times may be customized to fit visitors’ desired times.

To ensure ease of travel for visitors, Yamagata Nagai Tourism Department operates the Nagai sightseeing buses free on weekends and holidays.
For more detailed information regarding bus times and courses, please call Michi no Eki – Kawa no Minato Nagai at 0238-88-1831

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